GRP V3 Tail Lights for Evora, Evora S, Evora 400/410/430/GT, Exige 380/430, Elise Cup/Sprint, 3-Eleven

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GRP V3 Tail Lights

V3 Lights are available to Pre-Order in limited quantities weekly/biweekly so as to not create a backlog of orders and have customers waiting too long for them as well as relieve a little stress from us.

You can choose to pay in full or pay a 30% deposit up front and the remaining 70% once they are ready to ship out. 

Lights typically ship out in one to two weeks from the order date.  

Thank you for your understanding and patience.  

If Pre-Orders are sold out sign up on the pop up bar to be notified via email as soon as these are available to order again! 


In a constant effort to improve our products based on customer feedback we have come up with what we feel is our best tail light option available yet!   

The V3 tails have an all new lens shape that gives a more angular 3D look that compliments the rear of any Lotus Evora, Elise or Exige! 

Along with the new lens shape we have improved the lighting output for running/side lights as well as brake lights.    

Also improved are the turn indicator lights, these are now a hidden halo type light in the middle of the light units. These lights are hidden until illuminated giving all of the lights an even and cohesive look.  


Fitment:  All Lotus Evora's, including: S, 400,410,430,GT,  Exige 380/430, Elise Cup & 3-Eleven models with two tail lights.  

  • These lights are sold in pairs!  Qty of 1 = 2 lights


  • Direct Plug and Play -- Produced with oem wiring connectors for a seamless install.  No Splicing/cutting required.  Lights Perform the same exact functions your oem lights do: Running Lights, Brake, Turn, Reverse, Fog (Euro customers)
  • UV stable and resistant Acrylic lenses---wont yellow or deteriorate in the sun.
  • LED Rings with built in light diffusers. Provide a solid ring of light output  
  • Red lens lights feature a cnc machined dark center lens which hides the turn indicator lights. 
  • Stainless steel mounting studs for oem quality mounting into your oem light bezels.
  • Stainless flange lock nuts included  
  • Reflectors optional. Some areas of the world require a reflective element in the tail lights, we provide this at no cost if desired.
  • Lighter weight than oem lights!   



These are very simple to install, simply pull back the carpet in each corner of your trunk area, unplug the oem lights, and loosen the two 8mm nuts holding them in place. Sometimes the oem lights will need a little tapping from the backside to remove, make sure to hold one hand over the outside so they dont fall to the ground! Reverse these steps for install of your new lights!

*In some instances with newer Elise & Exiges there may be the need for resistors to be installed in the turn signal circuit.  This is a simple and easy task if its needed and we can help with info and pictures.   Please email if your new lights hyper-flash after install.  

Special Notes:

Unless noted on the order or in an email prior to the order we will build the lights just as they are ordered, if you decide to change the spec afterwards some charges may apply.  

These lights will be assembled to order, typical lead time is about 5-10 days typically.  This lead time is based on order volume, we get backed up from time to time so please be patient!