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Fits all Evora models, Exige V6 models and all Toyota models equipped with the 2GR-FE.

Does not fit RWD Lexus models or later model Toyota/Lexus 2GR-FKS models (direct injected).

No other parts required for installation – mounting studs, nuts and sealing o-ring are included.

Built exclusively by special order by Moroso, you won’t find this oil pan anywhere else.

The 2GR can experience oil pickup issues in extreme racing situations with high downforce, grippy tires or courses with long sustained turns. The result can be a spun rod bearing which requires a complete engine rebuild.

The solution is here; Moroso’s fabricated oil pan tackles these problems. First, to help handle heat the oil capacity is increased slightly to 6.5 quarts and the entire pan is made of aluminum, which effectively pulls some heat out of the oil. Additionally, the large capacity and the internal baffling with trap doors keeps a steady supply of oil around the pickup even when you corner on race tires. No more oil starvation.

The icing on the cake is that we have equipped this pan with both a bung for an oil temperature sensor (1/8 NPT) and for a turbo oil return fitting (2x dash 10 (5/8″) straight thread). Forget the headaches of trying to weld, drill, and tap a bung on to your stock steel oil pan.