Adjustable Splitter Support Rods Aluminum & Carbon Fiber

Regular price $65.00

These adjustable aluminum support rods are designed for use on splitters, spoilers, and wings. Our unique design allows for maximum strength, lightness, and durability while delivering a clean aesthetic appearance. The ends are reverse-threaded to allow for adjustability without removing the part, and 5/16-18 mounting hardware is included.

These support rods are machined in our California-based facility from 6061 aluminum, using high quality, fine threaded rod ends allowing for full adjustability

We include extra hardware with these kits to use for our splitters for Elise, Exige & Evoras.   

Select your desired length and material -- Typically if you are mounting a splitter alone on a Elise or Exige the shorter 7.5"-9.25" will be what you want.  If you plan to mount a splitter below an existing lip you will need the longer 9.25"-11"