AUTO-BLiP Intelligent Downshift Controller

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Product Overview

The AUTO-BLiP is a new patent pending electronic device that will automatically blip (open) the throttle when downshifting gears on an automobile equipped with a manual transmission and an electronic accelerator pedal system. AUTO-BLiP works by monitoring your automobile’s accelerator pedal position sensor (TPPS), brake pedal, and clutch pedal, and only blips the throttle when both brake and clutch pedals are pressed simultaneously. AUTO-BLiP reduces mechanical wear and tear on manual transmissions, improves vehicle stability when downshifting gears, and eliminates the need for the heel-and-toe driving technique.

Will work on any 2006+ Lotus car -- Must be drive by wire type throttle body. 


  • Simple connection to your vehicle’s existing sensors. The AUTO-BLiP connects directly to your vehicles throttle pedal position sensor (TPPS), brake pedal switch, and clutch safety interlock switch.
  • On-the-fly tuning capability made easy via the two face plate mounted dials. By simply turning the dial labeled “DURATION”, the user is able to set the desirable RPM blip level. The “DELAY” dial allows for the addition of a constant time delay from the time a downshift event is sensed to when the unit generates the throttle blip event.      
  • Simple one-time calibration routine for easy interface to your vehicle’s OEM sensors. Once AUTO-BLiP has been properly installed to your vehicle, a six step calibration routine allows it to learn your vehicle’s throttle, brake, and clutch configuration.
  • Four LEDs display the unit’s functional status. The AUTO-BLiP provides the user with a simple and easy to view status of the brake pedal, clutch pedal, and blip events.
  • On/Off button mode. By simply toggling the On/Off face plate mounted button, the unit will toggle between the active blip mode and a bypass low power mode.
  • One unit fits all automobiles. This allows installation of the same AUTO-BLiP unit on multiple vehicles. Simply follow the calibration routine for the new vehicle and you’ll be ready to go. Note: some vehicles may require additional accessories
  • Will not interfere with your vehicles on-board diagnostics. The AUTO-BLiP has been designed to work with your vehicle’s OEM electronics without causing any engine fault codes
  • Auto power down mode. The AUTO-BLiP will automatically go into bypass low power mode after 6 hours inactivity. 

Installation Guide found HERE

*Note - The instructions remain the same for installation into Evoras except at the clutch switch you will need to connect the black wire from Auto-Blip to the black wire at the clutch switch and the yellow wire from Auto-Blip to the Pink/Black wire at the switch.  All other connections/color remain the same.