Bride Zodia Black Full Bucket Type Low Max System

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Bride Zodia Black Full Bucket Type Low Max System

Product Information

Bride Zodia Black Full Bucket Seat with Silver FRP shell. You can find up to four different shell materials with the Zeta III, carbon aramid, super aramid black, silver FRP and clear black FRP. With this Zeta III we further raised the rigidity and the holding performance evolving into a tough body shell. We use the Buckskin material for the nonslip shoulder support to hold the shoulder perfectly. The two split-type urethane thigh support was significantly increase for the pedal operability from the previous model. In addition, the pedal operation of the horizontal G during high-speed cornering by higher knee support portion has also been greatly improved.


  • Saftey Standards Fit
  • FIA Standard Acuisition Model
  • Super Recliner unit with easy seat adjustment.
  • Racing Comfort Model
  • Resistance-to-Flame Cloth
  • Color: Black
  • Perfect for smaller drivers with a 32" waist or smaller
  • Seat will have a higher seating position than oem