Cargraphic Silencer Super Sound for Elise/Exige Low Exit

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Cargraphic Silencer Super Sound for Elise/Exige Low Exit

Product Information

Since the mid 80's Cargraphic has been developing, testing and producing exhaust systems made from the highest grade premium stainless steel. Cargraphic is a Specialist supplier for various car company's, high-end tuning and racing teams throughout the world and they thrive off their own development, testing and production departments. Cargraphic's main production line in the South-West of England is fully equipped with modern machinery along with a highly qualified workforce, who together work hand in hand with their German partners. They are committed solely to select materials of the highest standards for a sublime optical-finish and an unmistakeable sound.


  • Sport rear silencer with 2x76mm round/rolled-in tailpipes with perforated insert.
  • Reduced exhaust back pressure creates more power and additional torque.
  • Further evidence of improvements made, are recognised through an enhanced acoustic and weight reduction.
  • Version Super Sound Export
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