GRP GT Tail Lights for Evora, Evora S, Evora 400, 410, 430 & Exige 380, 430

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GT Tail Lights for Evora, Evora S, Evora 400, 410, 430 & Exige 380/430

Add some GT style lighting to the rear end of your pride and joy! 

Derived from our very popular Halo Style Tail Lights, the new GT lights are brighter, cleaner and give an updated look of the back of your Lotus.

Fitment: All years of Evora, Evora S, Evora 400,410,430 and Exige 380/430. 


  • Full Plug and Play -- Produced with oem wiring connectors for a seamless install.  No Splicing/cutting required
  • UV stable and resistant Acrylic lenses---wont yellow or deteriorate in the sun.
  • LED Rings with built in light diffusers. Provide a solid thick ring of light output
  • New GT style lighting has a 2 in 1 functioning outer light -- Running Lights and Brake Lights - Twice the light vs our previous version!  
  • Stainless mounting studs for oem style mounting into your oem light bezels.
  • No blank reverse light spots! The oem lights in your car are a borrowed light unit from the Elise/Exige lineup and they have unneeded/blank spots for reverse lights, these eliminate that spot for a cleaner, more uniform look.
  • Reflective inner disc/circle optional. Some areas of the world require a reflective element in the tail lights, we provide this at no cost if desired.
  • Lighter than oem lights! Our Lights weigh in at 230 grams ea vs 275 for oem

Lighting Options: 

These numbered options coincide with the drop down menu choices to order. 

  1. 1. Blood Red Lenses with all Red Lighting: Red Running Light, Red Brake Light, Red Turn Signals.
  2. 2. Blood Red Lenses with Red Running Lights, Red Brake Lights and Amber Center Turn Signal (Amber turn signals with red lenses will not be halo style but a center flood style light and require a smoked insert in the center of the red lenses, Please see the example pictures for reference) --These are Euro Spec'd Lighting Option
  3. 3. Smoked Lenses with all Red Lighting: Red Running Light, Red Brake Light, Red Turn Signals.
  4. 4. Smoked Lenses with Red/Amber Lighting: Red Running Light, Red Brake Light, Amber Turn Signals --These are Euro Spec'd Lighting Option


Whats in the Box:

You will receive two complete light units with new locking nuts for install.



These are very simple to install, simply pull back the carpet in each corner of your trunk area, unplug the oem lights, and loosen the two 8mm nuts holding them in place. Sometimes the oem lights will need a little tapping from the backside to remove, make sure to hold one hand over the outside so they dont fall to the ground! Reverse these steps for install of your new lights!

Special Notes:

If you have your DRL(daytime running lights) disabled in your car or plan to you will experience "hyperflash" turn signals. This will happen with oem or our lights. To solve this you will need to add a resistor to each turn signal power circuit, these can be purchased separately from us for a small cost.

Euro customers will need to add resistors to the turn signal circuit to avoid causing the fast flash/hyperflash.   

These lights will be assembled to order, typical lead time is about 5 days typically.  

 For any special requests for lighting etc, please email us prior to ordering.