DBA XP+735 CIRCUIT PERFORMANCE BRAKE PADS For Elise & Exige -- Track Use Only

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Elise / Exige 2005+ (without BBK)

The XP+735 is designed for track/circuit use, where prolonged high temperatures are expected. This pad formula is enhanced with carbon fibers to help combat extended temperatures in excess of 735°C (1300°F). The XP+735 provides a very firm pedal feel and maintains stable friction at high temperatures. Available primarily for performance applications, but also ideal for use with heavy armored vehicles.

* High initial friction
* Fast Bedding due to scorched finish
* Firm pedal feel
* Designed for operating at maximum temperatures
* Suitable for use with all DBA 4000 & 5000 Series performance rotors
* Best with DBA T3 slotted rotors