Finspeed Forged Wheels for Evora/Evora S/Evora 4xx 18"/19"/20"

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GRP is Proud to offer Finspeed high quality forged monoblock wheels for your Evora, Evora S or Evora 4xx.    

These wheels are spec'd for the perfect fitment to the Evora's deep offsets and brake sizes.    

Available in 9 different spoke designs and 14 surface finishes giving your Evora that personal touch.   


Available Size & Offset Options: 

18" Track Pack: 

Setup for optimum weight savings, tire choices and handling, the 18" track pack is the ideal choice for track use.     

Front: 18x9"   Rear: 18x10" 

18"/19" Sport Pack: 

The Sport Pack is setup to give you an oem overall look in wheel diameter but with your custom spec'd new wheels and finishes.   Suitable for street, show or track use.    

Front: 18X8"(oem) or 18x9"   

Rear:  19x9.5"(oem) or 19x10"   

19"/20" Super Sport Pack: 

The super sport pack wheels utilize the larger diameter wheels  that can be found on the likes of the Evora S, Evora 400 and Evora 430 cars.   These wheels fill out the wheel wells and have a bit more of a show look to them.    These wheels still offer plenty of strength for the occasional track day use though!   

Front: 19X8"(oem) or 19x9"   

Rear:  20x9.5"(oem) or 20x10"