GRP Hammerdown Shift Knobs for Evora

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GRP Hammerdown Shift Knobs

Looking for a better looking and better performing shift knob than that boring old ball?

The GRP shift knob is made in either Aluminum or Stainless steel and features a ergonomic feel with a light double diamond knurl for a secure grip around the track or on the street.

The aluminum model weighs in at 140 grams roughly 30 grams more than the oem unit and has a diameter of 1.5"

The stainless model weighs in at 420 grams and provides that extra inertia for easier shifting and fewer missed shifts. The stainless model also has a diameter of 1.4"

Optional Satin Black Powder Coating for that Stealth look!

GRP shift knobs are proudly machined in the U.S.A on Haas CNC equipment!

2010+ Evora Fitment