KomoTec 460 Power Up kit for Evora 400/GT

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KomoTec 460 Power up kit for Evora 400/GT

Performance Data EV4-460: approx. 460 hp / 495 Nm (IPS: ca. 440 hp/475 Nm)

  • Komotec 460 kit: 460hp/365 ftlbs
  • Stock Data (Evora 400): ca. 406 hp / 4302 ftlbs  (Factory Spec)

The Evora 400 is supplied with 406 hp from the factory. In order to give the Evora 400/GT better performance, we have developed the Upgrade “Phase EV4-460”. We were able to increase the maximum output by approx. 55 hp by the use of stainless-steel manifolds with an optimized flow, an HJS-200-cpsi Sports-Catalyst and a K&N Sports-Air filter with increased output in conjunction with an optimized ECU-Software. This gets the engine significantly more power and the additional torque is much stronger than before.

Key Benefits:

Good price to performance ratio
Increased torque (approx.+62 ftlbs) and power (approx. +55 hp) to the standard. 

Komotec 460 Power Kit includes:

K&N Sport-Airfilter
Stainless steel manifold with optimized pipe lengths
Y-Pipe with a 200cpsi Sports-Catalyst HJS (Main Catalyst)
Oxygen sensor extension-cable
Optimization ECU-Software EV4-460 (ignition, injection characteristics and camshaft phase adjustment)                                                                                                      Tuning Cable
EV4-460 Decalset

WARNING: Kit requires the use of at least 91+ octane fuel. Tuning will be supplied with 91 and 93 octane maps.  

We will need your ecu I.D. code as well as the Variant code I.D. prior to processing your order.  Please obtain these prior to placing your order and submit them via email so we may verify that your car can be tuned via a flash cable.   Some newer cars may require the ecu to be sent to KomoTec.  You can get your ecu and variant code with some handheld scan tools or by a visit to your closest dealer.  



Disclaimer: This kit WILL void any and all powertrain warranty with Lotus.   Install at your own risk, GRP will not be held liable for any damage caused by modifying your car. May not be smog legal in some states, sold for offroad use only.