Lightweight Battery Brackets for Braille B2015,Deka ETX20L,PC680 or VoltPhreaks VPH750

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Lightweight, Laser cut and CNC formed battery brackets to add lightness! 

Fits Elise& Exige Cars


Braille B2015

Dimensions L=6.8", W=3.4", H=6.1"

Weight =15 lbs this is 14.5lbs lighter than stock!

 Deka EXT20L

Dimensions L=6.9, W3.4", H=6.1"

Weight 17 lbs 14lbs lighter than stock!

The Odyssey PC680 battery is 14.1lbs lighter than stock!


Odyssey PC680 Battery avaliable here:

RLS / NCI VoltPhreaks VPH750 Battery Bracket


Save 24.25lbs by switching from the OEM battery to the ultra premium VoltPhreaks VPH750.