Ohlins TTX Suspension Kit for Lotus Evora 2009+

Regular price $7,149.99

Öhlins top technology, which has been tested for many years, is now also available for your Evora. The original suspension of the Evora certainly offers extremely attractive driving values ​​from factory side, but there is still significant potential in comfort, responsiveness and use-ability for the racetrack.

The TTX-Suspension-Set (twin-tube technology) ensures maximum performance, reliability and durability. Due to the high usage of aluminum components and the integration of all functions in one damper unit, the weight of the overall chassis was also kept very low, like the philosophy of Lotus.

The rebound and compression damping, the chassis height and the spring preload can be adjusted separately. The TTX chassis offers you a great wide of options to adjust the Evora according to your individual needs. This provides the driver an optimal balance of comfort, use on roads and the race track. Visually, it is about 15mm lower.

The suspension kit consists of 2x front and 2x rear damper-/spring units and is supplied with all necessary installation parts.

This kit is normally a special order and built to order.  Expect a 5-8 week wait time.  Please email for a better idea of timing though if desired!