Quicksilver High Exit Sound Adjustable GT3 Style Exhaust

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Quicksilver High Exit Sound Adjustable GT3 Style Exhaust

For all 2zz powered Elise & Exige Cars

MATERIALS: Type 304 Stainless Steel - Raw nish with a polished Tip.
WEIGHT: 15 lbs
SOUND: 96DB at 6000rpm

Designed specically for track day use this system enables compliance with
most circuits static 98 db days and offer the Exige GT3 look.
This exhaust can either be fittted using the 111S type R/H rear grille or with a grille eliminator kit for the full ‘GT3’ look.
The end of the silencer is fully detachable allowing access to the centre of the silencer so more acoustic wadding can be added or subtracted. Different grades of acoustic wadding can also be utilized for a required sound level.

 bhp improvement to 201 bhp with 17ft lbs more torque.
 Unique adjustable sports sound.
 Accelerated gas-out draws heat away more efficiently.
 Bolt-On Install - Precision engineered (conversion grill or delete required).
 Lighter weight.
 Larger 90mm tail pipe for the Exige GT3 look.