Tillet EB5 Seat Bracket set for Elise/Exige - For Tillet B6 Seats, Mounts to Lotus original runners

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This bracket is designed to fit Tillett race seats to the Elise/Exige/VX220 original Lotus runners. They enable fitment of types B6 Screamer, B6 43 XL Screamer, B7 and also the standard B6 when ordered with optional side mounts.

The bracket set includes side mounting bolts and a spacer set that allows the standard width B6, B7 B6 Screamer and B6 XL 43 Screamer seats to fit the Elise/Exige/VX220.

Belt mount points are included specifically for the race harness hip position. The original Lotus three point road belts do not fit correctly.

Suitability: B6 Screamer, B6 40 Screamer, B6 XL 43 Screamer, (B6 XL Screamer does not fit due to the rolled edge) B7-40-17, B7-44-17, and the standard non FIA B6 when ordered with side mounts.

Weight: 1.2 kg
Color: Powder Coated Black

It is not recommended to use seat adjustment runners on a race or track day car.

*Sold as a set to mount one seat