Tillett B8 Carbon/GRP Racing Seat

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B8 (NEW!)

The B8 holds the driver at an angle which will suit regular production sports cars. It is ideal for losing vehicle weight, attaining great feel from the chassis, and providing the driver with a perfect driving position for road or track. The strong and rigid twin skin construction, first pioneered by Tillett in 1999, is extremely light and compact. It is especially good for taller drivers wishing to lower themselves, without sacrificing any comfort on long journeys. The ergonomic B8 is based on our highly acclaimed B1 shape. Drivers weighing up to approximately 120 kg, are well supported in the B8 with little or no padding, making it ideal for using as an XL version of our B5 seat.

The B8 uses all the brackets that are currently available for the B6 and B7 FIA race seats. This includes the Lotus brackets EBF2, EB4, EB5 and EB6. A B8-43 cut edge version is offered to fit a large driver in many brands of super narrow cars. The two edge cut options are, the B8-43 and the B8-44.5, which is more suited to a saloon car such as a Nissan GTR or Porsche. The swept away hip area and the newly designed crotch and shoulder holes allow use of a standard three point seat belt, or a full racing harness. The shoulder belt holes have been made tall enough so that a Hans device can be used.

The B8 seat is very light at 4.6 kg. The optional Dinamica suede panel set adds 1 kg and we recommended this for daily road use. (All weights quoted are + or – 10%).

The B8 seats have four types of standard bracket options and three for the Lotus Elise/Exige;
TB F1 brackets made from 6mm anodised aluminium and point inwards under the seat.
TB F5 brackets are the same design as the TB F1 but point outwards.
TB5 is a powder coated 5mm thick aluminium version of the outward pointing TB F5.
TB FIA aluminium billet brackets point outwards and are used in the FIA crash tests.

EB4 steel brackets for fitting the B8-43 to the Elise/Exige. *
EB5 steel brackets for fitting the B8-43 seat to the standard Lotus runner system. *
EBF2 super light billet aluminium race bracket for fitting the driver seat solidly. *
*Fits Elise/Exige cars manufactured prior to 2017 – VIN serial number 1457



Tillett B8 dimensions