Voltex Clam Mounted Wing Kits for Elise & Exige

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Voltex Clam Mounted Wing Kits for Elise & Exige

The Voltex Type 2 is the basic model for Voltex GT Wings and recommended for usage on vehicles with rounded rear ends such as the Integra and S2000. Known for the great balance, it is best for FR vehicles such as the S2000. From street to track, this wing can be made from 1,500mm to 1,700mm. The Type 1 is a low drag, and is a bit smaller than the type 2 wing. Being thin-layered and ensuring low drag, Type I is generally for FF vehicles such as Integras and other light weight vehicles.


Gurney Flap - Mounts to the top trailing edge of the wing. Named after the famous inventor, Dan Gurney, it creates additional downforce with the GT Wing. It comes pre-installed when ordering with a wing.

30mm Risers - Additional risers that mount between the wing and the stand to give extra height

This is a long lead time item -- usualy around 4-7 months.  

There is a zero cancellation policy for this item since it is made to order.