WP Pro 12in. 6 Piston L6 Front Big Brake Kit Elise/Exige

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WP Pro 12in. 6 Piston L6 Front Big Brake Kit Elise/Exige

Product Information

WP Pro offers the quality and performance through out all ranges of calipers, unlike other companies where both cast alloy and forged alloy calipers are offered, all WP Pro calipers are made from T6061 forged alloy under minimum of 2500 tons of cold forging that offers one of the highest torsional strength in the industry.WP Pro also stands for consistent quality in every component and a comprehensive aftersales service. The Power To Stop, for any car.

The L6 Series of calipers is the bases of all WP Pro big brake kits, with initial design back in 1994, it is currently in its 3rd generation. Built from cold forged T6061 alloy, its robust design allows it to be utilized in virtually any environment while maintaining its focus on track use, for big brake kits that are intended for fast road use, the L6 are equipped with heavy duty dust boots that are one of the toughest in the industry, where for big brake kits that are intended for the track, we equip them with carbon nitride treated heat shields, to fully race prep titanium vented pistons set up.


  • Model: L6 Front
  • Disc Size: 312 x 25
  • Slotted or Drilled
  • Pistons: 6.


  • Lotus Elise | Exige S2


  • Big Brake Kit comes with standard sport pads only.
  • All Brake kits are designed for vehicles at original height, either increased or decreased height may not be compatible with the brake lines included in these system.
  • Application details may be changed without notification, please contact us for details when ordering.