GRP Front / Rear Clam Badge for Elise/Exige & Evora

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GRP Front / Rear Clam Badge for Elise & Exige

-These High quality domed sticker type badges will replace those tattered oem badges or just give your car a new look with our three color combos!

-Sized to fit the oem badge bezel on the front and rear of Elise & Exige

-Your choice of OEM Colors (Yellow/Green/Silver), New 2020 Style OEM, Black/Silver or Black/Gold

-Easy install--Using a small pick tool peel up current metal badge, clean old adhesive off, and place new badge! --Tip-- Use masking tape across the surface of the new badge when applying to be able to align it with both hands and not have to touch the adhesive surface, center/align, stick the center, peel off masking tape, then use a hair dryer or heat gun to warm up the new badge and adhere the edges down firmly.

-Ready for immediate shipment!

-High quality Urethane coated logo badge that resists scratches, wont yellow and has a high quality adhesive pre-applied for a long lasting application.

-Chrome bezel piece not included

*Badges are sold individually.   Qty 1 = 1 badge of your color selection.