BOE Evora Tuned Headers

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BOE spent 2 years making and tuning these pipes. The results are fantastic on cars making from 295whp on BOE Stage 2 NA Cars all the way to some of the wilder BOE Stage 3 Supercharged builds!

BOE headers were independently tested against every other header on the market and now used on the fastest Evoras in Lotus Cup because they really work the best! 

They're a true engineered long tube design. The steps, primaries, and secondaries have all been modeled to work with the RPM ranges the 2GR motor thrives in for both high performance street and track/race conditions with years of testing and tweaking the design to perfect the performance. 

We have internally tested these headers against all other major brands of short and long tube configurations to find that ours out-perform in every case (even in the absence of tuning!) on our dyno. However, with specialized cam phase and ignition tuning found in our Stage 2 and Stage 3 packages, the pulse frequencies of these headers really shines with unsurpassed torque curves.

Through testing, many details were addressed to maximize performance right down to the precision manifold to exhaust port alignment and even the placement of the 02 sensors!

While expensive, we use 1/2 inch thick stainless steel on the manifold flange, which is then lightened where it can be. The result is a flange that will not warp over time. You won't find another set of headers for the 2GR Lotus motors with 1/2 inch flanges.

2GR motors move a lot when driven in anger. In the past, that has meant broken muffler mounts. We incorporated a very flexible balljoint union at the down pipe to relieve strain on the muffler mounting points.

The catalyst downpipe is a proper 50 state ceramic core that will stand the test of time. We have not found any significant power loss on the dyno when running our catalyst!

For dedicated track cars, we never recommend running a catalyst due to the sustained heat loads from regular track use. Occasional track use with a catalyst is fine.

To make installation easy, we made the primaries and secondaries separate. The result is a set of pipes that are very easy to install despite the long tube intricacies. 

These headers are labor intensive to manufacture and are in high demand. We do our best to keep them in inventory, but it is possible that we will have lead times of 3-4 weeks from time-to-time. We apologize for any lead time you may incur, but it will be worth it!

3" Upgrade available for 2017+ Evora 400, 410, 430 and GT cars.   This is needed if you would like to install this system on any of the newer cars as they have the larger rear section.   This is $150 per midpipe, if you order both catted and catless midpipes you will need to add 2 of these to your cart. 

Install instructions can be found by clicking HERE