GRP Evora 400,410,GT Decat/Race Exhaust Pipe

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GRP Evora 400,410,GT Decat/Race Pipe

This is a direct replacement exhaust pipe for the third catalytic converter pipe which is installed on 2017+ U.S. model Evora 400,410's & GT's.   

  • Made from 16 gauge 304 stainless steel 
  • Precision machined and tig welded stainless steel v-clamp flange
  • Bolt in design, not cutting or welding required 
  • Will not cause a check engine light!    
  • Has no effect on the function of the oem valved muffler 
  • The only bolt in option for Evora 400/410/GT's!  
  • Dyno proven HP & TQ Increase!    +12hp/3ft lbs tq when installed along with our Evora 400 Cold Air Intake Kit  

The oem third cat is only found on the U.S model cars and not the UK variant to help it meet and exceed strict CA emissions laws.    These third cats are restrictive, damper the awesome sound of these cars and in most cases not needed.  You are responsible to know your local emissions laws and these are sold for off-road/race track use only.   

Simple bolt in design reuses the oem v-clamp and band clamp.   

These DO NOT fit the S1 Evora/Evora S  

 We recommend using a tail pipe expander tool to aid installation ---this expands the opening to the muffler slightly to help the new decat pipe slide in easily. You can purchase those on Amazon  HERE or most local auto parts stores will loan them out at no charge! 

Install tips/notes:

Remove muffler completely, removed factory cat. 
Install new decat as far into the muffler as possible.  
While holding the assembly up in place loosely install the v-band clamp (tight enough to hold the pipes together but still loose enough for it to be able to spin), then bolt up the muffler via the two hangers, then tighten the v-band clamp, then the band clamp on the muffler to decat.
It’s best to install that v band clamp loosely before fully reinstalling the muffler/decat assembly.    
There is a large flex section in the mid pipe that will account for any misalignment as well as engine movement while driving.
For offroad/race use only.