Hethelsport S2 Fender Flare Kit for Elise & Exige

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Hethelsport S2 Fender Flare Kit

Available for both the S2 Elise and Exige, our hand fabricated Fender Flares are bolt-on pieces (no fiberglass bodywork required although you can also mold them in). Flares are custom made for either the Elise or Exige body and can be configured with multiple options including Front flare blade extensions, Side skirts, and Carbon overlay finish.

The flares will accomodate custom wheels up to 17 x 9” for the front and up to 18 x 10.5” in the back however we recommend checking brake rotor, caliper, and suspension clearances.

These are race-inspired parts that will require professional installation, clamshell cutting, custom wheels, and possibly other components. The aesthetic is not "Monterey Concours” but rather RAUH-Welt or race style—because of the clamshell cutting, this is a non-reversable modification.

The S2 Fender Flare Kits are made to order and ship in batches with other parts to save on shipping and keep the price points affordable for you. If we have these in stock it will be noted in the drop down menu below.

To check when the next shipment will be please send us an email.

Individual replacement pieces will be available to original purchasers. .