GRP Customized Steering Wheels for Elise & Exige

Regular price $699.00

If you are tired of that tattered and worn steering wheel but maybe you dont want to change to an aftermarket one we have the answer!

We use an oem wheel core, strip it down and build it to your custom specs! Using all top quality materials we can tailor a steering wheel to your liking and to fit your cars color combos.

This process will have no affect on the wheels safety characteristics and will retain all oem mounting points along with the airbag so you can keep you road car fully street legal!

Choose from three different leather choices, Glossy or Matte carbon fiber, color of carbon, center stripe and color, and stitching colors for a truly one of a kind wheel.

Wheels are made using a core exchange basis or you can also send your own steering wheel for the work to be done.

Please plan to return your original wheel to us in a timely manner (within 14 days of receiving your new one) so that we may continue to offer these to other customers. 

Payment will be broken up into two:

1.  $699 - Payment to get wheel refinished to your specs 

2.  $450 - Core charge due once wheel is complete and ready to ship.  Your wheel will not ship until this second payment is made.  Core charge will be refunded once we receive your good condition original wheel.   If your original has damage or scratches please contact us prior to your order with pictures of the damage etc! 

You can bypass this core charge once your custom wheel is complete by removing and sending in your original wheel prior to us sending the new custom wheel. 

There are zero exceptions when it comes to the core return process due to these wheels becoming increasingly hard to find and more expensive. 

 Payment #2 is not applicable if you send us your original wheel to be refinished or if you send it prior to receiving your new one!  If you have an extra wheel or dont mind sending your current wheel in please contact us prior to placing your order. 

The process will typically take 4-8 weeks depending on the work load.  Things can sometimes take longer if the shop is busy.  

Due to the fact that these wheels are hand made/finished some small variations in finish can occur. 

These are a custom 1 off type item so there are no returns accepted. 

LED Rev Counter/Display available to add for $375.   Please email or leave a note at checkout if you would like to add this option.