2010 Exige Style Wing for Elise & Exige - Non Adjustable

Regular price $949.00

Add some good looks and functional aero with our 2010 style Exige Wing!  

This wing is modeled after the oem wing found on the 2010 Exige.    

Also available in a Glossy or Matte Carbon Fiber.

Includes hardware to assemble the wing and basic hardware to mount to clam. 

No inner trunk supports are included, nor really needed since this mounts close to the outer edges of the clam.   


Some carbon parts are currently made to order, If the carbon item you are looking at is NOT currently in stock it will be listed as "special order" instead of "add to Cart" 

Due to the nature of carbon fiber manufacturing some parts may require some adjustments for a proper fit. For this reason professional installation is required. Small blemishes may occur, although we do our best to keep them from happening.