Arai GP-6S Helmet SA2015

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Arai GP-6S Helmet SA2015

Product Information

The 6S is designed with the sport driver in mind. It uses the same shell shape as the new GP-6(PED) and GP-6RC alaong with the increase peripheral vision of the wider eyeport. The new GP-6S has an enlarged front vent for improved airflow and ovaerall ventilation performance. The only thing missing from the new GP-6S is a higher price.

The Arai GP-6S is the successor of the much loved GP-5K model and comes with SA2015 approval. Using the same shell shape as the GP-6 and GP-6RC, The Arai GP-6S offers an affordable price level while still maintaining a host of features and innovations. The Arai GP-6S utilizes the same shield as the GP-6 as well as the same larger eye port size for increased peripheral vision. The Arai GP-6S utilizes a single intake and single exhaust, the forward vent has been enlarged to improve air intake and improve overall ventilation performance.The CLC outer shell uses much of the GP-6 RC technology and styling. Improved ventilation thanks to larger duct ventilation holes. Fire resistant lining made of three materials: Carbon Nit, Nomex and Conex fabrics. Yellow Kevlar chin straps. Comes with FHR M6 studs.


  • New Sheild Pivot hardware - New pivot hardware with redesigned track slider that improved arodynamics.
  • Shell Shape - A smaller more "natural" head shape to create a lower center of gravity which balances and stabilizes the helmet to feel lighter and reduce fatigue.
  • Wider Eyeport - Larger eyeport than comparible models, at 90mm drivers enjoy a better view.
  • Removeable/ Replaceable Cheekpads - For easy cleaning, the cheekpads are removeable. Optional cheekspads of varying thickness can be inserted to provide a more customized fit.
  • Ventilation - Larger closeable intake vents with larger 10mm holes increase air intake. 10mm rear vent holes increase air flow even further.
  • Head and Neck Safety Device Mounts - The GP-6PED has pre-installed M6 washer/nuts and molded mounting posts for a variety of safety devices.
  • New Chin bar - Newly sculpted chin bar and ridge along the lower edge of the shell improve structural integrity and provides a rise in the shell for added shoulder clearance.