Mirror Kits for Elise & Exige

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GRP in collaboration with GFWilliams is now offering this beautifully designed mirror kit for your Elise or Exige! 

GRP is the exclusive retailer for these in North America. 

UK and Europe Customers Please see: https://www.hellslow.com/product-page/mirror-package-for-lotus-exige-and-elise  for ordering. 

The design is intended to fit both the S2 and S3 Lotus Elise & Exige.


Carbon Fiber or Aluminum Stalks Options Available!   

  • Carbon Fiber stems - 134 Grams
  • Aluminum Stems - 349 Grams
  • Carbon Fiber Mirrors with Glass & Hardware - 310 Grams

Ordering options: 

Mirror Stalks kit includes: 

  • - Pair of CNC Machined Stems (Anodized in Black) OR Glossy Finish Carbon Fiber Stems
  • - Fixing Kit with Plugs (for third hole)

Carbon Fiber Mirrors Include:

  • - Pair of Carbon Mirrors (Twill Gloss Weave)
  • - Mirror Glass For Mirror Housing
  • -Hardware for Assembly

Items are Sold separately! 

For a complete kit you must add 1 mirror stalk kit and 1 carbon fiber mirror kit to your cart! 

Orders will be shipped on a first come first served basis.