CTEK Battery Charger Trickle Charger/Battery Tender

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The CTEK Charger, MULTI US 7002 is the ideal battery charger for your car, car and boat. The battery charger is well suited for all-year use. Thanks to its SUPPLY mode the battery charger provides power even without a battery. The SUPPLY mode is indispensable when changing the battery as you avoid losing complicated program settings.

Perfect for vintage car, boats with one battery, boats with start & service battery, boats with start & service bank, scooter, motorcycle, Quad/ATV, lawnmower, caravan, and tractor.

Includes two interchangeable connection leads, one with clamps, and one with eyelet terminals.

* The Universal Charger
* Fully automatic - for charging and maintenance
* Patented desulphation function
* Made for all weather conditions and situations
* Compatible with other electronic equipment
* Designed for safety
* Unique Supply and Recond mode
* 8 Step Charging Process

*Technical Data*
* *Input voltage AC:* 85-125VAC, 50-60Hz
* *Output voltage:* Nominal: 12V
* *Efficiency:* HIGH 85%
* *Charging voltage:* 14.4V /14.7V
* *Charging current:* 7A max
* *Back current drain:* *<1Ah per month
* *Ripple:* ** 4%
* *Ambient temperature:* -4°F to +122°F, output power is reduced automatically at higher temperatures
* *Type of charger:* 8 step, fully automatic switch mode with pulse maintenance
* *Type of batteries:* 12V lead-acid batteries (Wet, MF, AGM, GEL and Ca)
* *Battery capacity:* 14-225Ah
* *Dimensions (LxWxH):* 8½ x 3½ x 1 inches
* *Insulation:* IP65 (splash and dust proof)
* *Certifications:* UL
* *Weight :* 1.7lbs
* *Warranty:* 5 years

*) Back current drain is what drains the battery if the charger is connected without the power cord connected.

**) Ripple describes the quality of the current and voltage. A high current ripple heats the battery and shortens its life. A linear charger has a current ripple of 70-400% which is much larger than the maximum 5% for a modern sealed battery. High voltage ripple could harm other equipment that is connected to the battery. MULTI US 7002 delivers voltage and current with very low ripple. The battery has a long service life and there is no risk of damage to other electronic devices connected to the battery.