Drop in Windshield Replacement for Elise/Exige S2 & S3

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GRP is proud to announce the New Optic Armor Drop in Windshield Replacements for Lotus Elise & Exige!!

These where made in collaboration with Optic Armor Performance to help solve one of the largest issues that plagues all Lotus' due to their low stature---chipped and pitted windshields! Up until now getting a replacement windshield was a major pain due to limited supply and long term waiting from the factory.

* 2001+ fitment for Elise and Exige

These New Windshields feature the following:

* Highly Scratch & Chemical Resistant

* Can Be Cleaned With Standard Glass Cleaner

* Excellent Water Shedding Capabilities

* The Best In Optical Clarity

* Shatterproof

* Flexible

* 50% Lighter than OEM glass

* Genuine Polycarbonate

* Superior Proprietary Coating

These are made to factory curvature/cut specs so no trimming is required for installation.

3/16" thick material.

Factory matched "blackout" area around perimeter.

Weight: 11.27lbs vs Factory Glass: 22.4lbs Saves over 11lbs!

These are made to order--Can take up to 4 weeks to ship.

These DO NOT include factory molding.