EBC Brake Rotors - BSD Slotted - Elise / Exige

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EBC Brake BSD Rotor Set

05+ Elise / Exige fits front or rear
06+ Exige S240, Cup, 2-eleven - rear only

288mm Diameter

Sold in pairs. 1 kit = 2 rotors

New EBC 'Blade' design slotted rotors are built using the new EBC High Carbon GG15HC iron for all front fitments (rears are in standard iron) and offer a great new choice in sport rotors. Blade rotors have a corrosion resistant coated with a new Geomet dry powder coat finish to aid fast pad break in to the disc surface and protect the discs for tens of thousands of miles from corrosion. It is important to follow proper bed-in procedure by stabilizing and driving in normal urban use for a minimum of 500 miles with light braking application to extend life and performance of your new discs. If you are unable to do this, the life of the discs will be shortened considerably.


Double the normal carbon levels

Extra silicone for heat stability

Bi-directional fine blade slot pattern for fast degassing

Reduce brake wind noise

Vee slot design keeps pad surface flat and parallel