EBC RP-X Race Brake Pads for Elise/Exige

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EBC Racings' RP‑X compound is an ultra‑high performance track and race pad designed for performance vehicles driven hard on track and for dedicated race cars. RP‑X has a very stable friction coefficient of 0.55μ up to and beyond 850℃, making it an excellent performer for even the most demanding vehicle applications.

RP‑X also has a high friction level from cold, requiring no warmup to achieve maximum braking effect which makes this material well suited for sprint race and hill climb events. Although RP‑X is not R90 homologated for use on the public roads in EU member states, the fact this material possesses excellent cold performance means RP‑X can be safely used for driving to/from motorsport events (where local laws permit). Read More...

EBC Racing does however emphasise that RP‑X has been developed for peak on‑track performance, meaning higher levels of brake dust and brake noise should be expected. RP‑X has comparable disc wear to many other popular track/race materials, however RP‑X disc wear is considerably greater than EBC Racing's other track pad RP‑1 which results in high levels of brake dust.

Compared to RP‑1, RP‑X has a 25% increase in friction coefficient across its working temperature range with a much more 'positive' initial bite. This characteristic potentially makes RP‑X more suitable on heavy or inherently under‑servoed vehicles. For light‑medium weight vehicles, cars with non EBC Big Brake Kits fitted, or vehicles with no ABS, the less fierce nature of EBC Racing's other track material RP‑1 may be preferable.