Evora IPS Transmission Enhancement Kit

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Stronger, Better, Firmer, and Faster

Transmission Enhancement Kit, or "TEK" for short, is the answer for all Evora IPS users who are looking to transform the shifting on the Toyota derived U660E transmission.

Copious amounts of time and effort were put forth in developing the IPS TEK at BOE HQ across multiple Evora IPS cars. It has been tested on everything from NA 275whp cars to 430whp cars with our Charge Cooler Series blower kit

This is not simply a rebuilt throttle body from a high mileage donor car.

TEK is comprised of bespoke BOE engineered Shift Solenoids, internal pistons, springs, and modifications to the valve body to enhance performance. It involves you or the technician to modify the existing valve body within the transmission. Very specific and thorough instructions are provided with loads of pictures and details in addition some tips unrelated to the TEK installation for better IPS reliability in general.

There are no special tools or training required to perform the installation, however mechanical competence is important. The transmission, engine, and bodywork all remain in situ! Typical work time is 8-10 hours from unpacking the TEK to test-drive. You will need 5 quarts of Toyota WS ATF and filter kit, which is available at your local Toyota/Lexus dealer.

Key points relating to engineering of this upgrade include:

-Addresses common shift weaknesses with special attention give to the particularly weak 2nd gear, 2-3 shift, and TC lock-up. 

-Essential for all Evoras making more than 350WHP

-Great upgrade for all IPS Evoras on the track or looking for more precise IPS shifting in general

-Increased overall line pressure for maximum holding force in all gears, which also reduces heat during gear transitions

-Reduce shift-time from gear change request --to-- shift completion through all gears. Average shift time at wide-open-throttle is reduced by 50%! (Actual logged shift times via the Lotus TCU)

-Modifications to valve body increasing internal lubrication to problem areas

-Modifications to valve body increasing flow to internal and external cooling circuits

-No Core Charges required as new parts supplied, and customer will be using existing, functional valve-body from their transmission.