Valved Titanium Exhaust for Evora 400, 410, 430, GT & Exige 380,390,410,420,430

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Get rid of that boat anchor oem muffler and swap in this beautiful titanium rear section exhaust! 

Get a nice deeper, louder sound with this straight piped lightweight muffler. 

When the exhaust valve is closed the exhaust must travel through the smaller diameter tubing giving a nice sound but a bit more muted for neighborhoods or freeway driving.  Open the valve and you have a full 3" free flowing monster!  

Fits only: Evora 400, 410, 430, GT & Exige 380,390,410,420,430 

Made from high grade titanium tubing that is tig welded and pie cut bends for an awesome look and durability. 

76mm tubing with 89mm Dual tips 

Actual product pictured  

8.8lbs with claMps for a weight savings of 25lbs over the oem stainless muffler! 

Stainless Steel version coming soon! 

This system is compatible with our decat pipe we offer for these same cars or it can also be run with the oem 3rd cat in place for a slightly more tamed sound. 

 **Does not fit the earlier 2009-2015 Evora/Evora S cars -- See our other offerings for those models!