GRP Carbon Fiber Cup Clone Seats for all S2/S3 Elise/Exige & Evora

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Carbon Fiber Cup Clone Seats 

Fitment for S2/S3 Elise, Exige, & Exige V6 These carbon fiber shell seats are a direct bolt-on to the original seat slider on the drivers side and the fixed bracket on the passenger side. 

These will also fit into the S2 (2017+) Evora with a set of our brackets found HERE

Available in a Glossy Carbon Fiber, Matte Carbon Fiber.  Other finished can be done but are special order. 

Seats pads not included.   We are working on some options for these and will link them here when available! 

  • Clone of the same seats that came in later model Elise/Exige's and Evora 430's
  • Accommodates up to a 36" waist comfortably
  • 5/6 Point Belt Opening 
  • Uses factory seats brackets from S2/S3 Elise Exige for mounting -Driver or passenger side brackets will fit. 
  • Sold each (1 seat)
  • Carbon Fiber seats weight- 7.9lbs
  • Very Rigid with very minimal flex
  • These are not certified, if you need cert'd seats we recommend the Tillett options
  • Sold Individually 

These seats are best suited for someone with a 36" or smaller waist.  Any larger and they will not be very comfortable around the waist/thigh area. 

If we have these in stock it will be shown as "add to cart" if they are sold out please email us to place a pre-order or check on when the next batch is scheduled to arrived. 

These items are made and shipped in batches with other parts to save on shipping and keep the price points affordable for you. Lead times can vary on special orders depending on the timing of our batch orders and shipping. 

These are a non FIA/SFI certified seat.

It has been noted that some small adjustments may be needed during install due to variations in mounting on the seats -- for example a mounting hole may need to be elongated on a mounting bracket etc.