GRP Channeled Evora 400 Rear Diffuser.

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GRP Channeled Evora 400 Rear Diffuser

Made from aircraft grade sheet metal, these diffusers are laser cut and cnc formed for great quality and fit.   

Available in a "squared" fin design or a "rounded" fin design, then finished off in your choice of Satin or Glossy powder coating for a durable and sleek finish. 

Available as pictured with the 5 Element design.  

Designed to fit to OEM mounting holes these require no modification for installation.  Simply unbolt the existing diffuser (5 undertray bolts, 4 allen head hanger bolts and 2 rear allen bolts) swap over small air scoops and bolt this in place.  This can be done without even raising the car off the ground in about 15-30 minutes! 

These diffusers include a pre-attached heat shield but do not include the two small air scoops --those will need to be swapped over from the oem diffuser via 4 bolts and nut clips from each scoop. 

Mounting holes are slotted so you can install for flush to bumper look or for a slightly protruded look.   

Please email us for orders shipping outside of North America, these are a larger item so we will get accurate shipping quotes for you before you place an order.  

These diffusers will typically be in stock but if we have sold out there will be a 2-3 week lead time.