GRP Evora 400/410/GT Phone Mount Kit

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After always searching for a good place to set a phone in the Evora 400/GT we have come up with a nice solution! 

This bracket uses factory mounting locations on the side of the stereo bracket and tucks inside of the stereo trim panel.   The bracket protrudes through the opening between the stereo panel and the upholstered dash, providing a nice, clean, easy place to mount your phone and has a clear line of sight if you are using it for music, maps etc.   Places the phone near the factory carplay/power cord in the glovebox for easy charging and no long cords running throughout your car. 

This does not require any modifications and uses two factory screws to mount. 

Kit includes:

1 - GRP Evora 400/410/GT Dash Bracket  - Designed to work with supplied magnetic mount.  

1 - Magnet phone mount kit - Magnetic mount w/pre-applied 3M mounting tape, thin self adhesive metal metal plates for your phone, Extra 3M adhesive for plates and mount   


Install as easy as 1,2,3!  

  1. Simply pop your stereo trim bezel out by pulling as evenly as possibly across the top and bottom straight out.  The bezel uses four metal retention clips so dont lose them! 
  2. Remove the two screws on the right side of the stereo, using a slight rotation push the new phone bracket into place and install the two previously removed screws.  
  3. Reinstall the stereo trim bezel and stick the (optionally) supplied magnetic phone bracket onto the installed GRP dash bracket.  

* You will also need to install one of the thin metal plates onto your phone -- either on top of or inside the case.  

*Alternatively you can use one of the optional adapters for Iphones with the Magsafe case/feature.  (Magsafe is a feature on Iphone 12's and newer models)

--- This kit/bracket is intended for LHD cars. If you have a RHD car you can still fit the kit but the phone will sit a bit lower.