GRP Evora Cupholder

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GRP Evora Cupholder

We at GRP know that many of you daily drive your Evora, do road trips etc. and on those drives you're thirsty! We now have a clean, simple and easy to install cupholder solution for you.

These holders feature a simple and easy to install bracket that snaps into place and uses two 6mm bolts to stay firmly planted on the drivers and/or passengers side seat rail slider handle. The holder can be folded up and out of the way if not in use or folded open in seconds and ready for your favorite drink. The arms on the holder ratchet open from small to wide for a large array of sizes (2.30" to 3.90")

The holder can be mounted anywhere on the seat rail handle-- We have found that as far inside seems preferable

Holders come preassembled and include all needed hardware.

These are sold individually (One holder for one seat)

** The two 6mm bolts do not need to be tightened down to create a clamping effect when installing, these are more to keep the cupholder from coming off the rail.  Overtightening these can result in breaking the bracket.