GRP Evora GT/430 Front Wheel Vent Rock Guards

Regular price $75.00

Front Wheel Arch Vent Rock Guards for Evora GT and Evora 430

These rock guards rivet into place out of sight to help prevent the collection of rocks and debris that accumulates in the vent openings on the Evora GT/430 wheel arches. 

Made from laser cut and cnc formed aluminum sheet that is powder coated satin black providing a bit of a stealth look.   

Sold as a set with a left and right guard along with the needed 1/8 pop rivets for install. 

Installation is very simple:

  • -Remove front wheel
  • -Remove plastic molded wheel liner piece via three nuts
  • -Line up and mark guards on molded plastic -- mark with sharp pin/pick tool as shown
  • -Drill two 1/8" holes
  • -Rivet in place
  • -Reassemble! 

 Customer install write up with instructions found here: