GRP Evora GT/430 Rear Wheel Vent Rock Guards

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ear Wheel Vent Rock Guards for Evora GT and Evora 430

These rock guards are secured into place using factory hardware to help prevent the collection of rocks and debris that accumulates in the vent openings on the Evora GT/430 rear wheel openings. 

Made from laser cut aluminum sheet that is powder coated satin black providing a bit of a stealth look. 

Some minor bending may be required for the best possible fitment. 

Sold as a set with a left and right guards.  

Installation is very simple:

  • -Remove rear wheel
  • -Remove factory fasteners in corresponding locations
  • -Line up guards and bend tabs slightly as needed
  • -Reassemble! 

You will need to lightly adjust/bend the bottom mounting tabs to achieve the best possible fitment, this is normal.  


Customer install write up with instructions found here: