GRP Forged Monoblock Wheels for Lotus Evora & Emira

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GRP Forged Monoblock Wheels for Evora & Emira! 


We set out to offer some new wheel options for the Evora and Emira but ran into some troubles locating a current wheel vendor/manufacturer who would work with us on custom sizes/offsets, lower volume, multiple designs choices and also not break the bank!  Due to this we had to dig deep to locate a trusted manufacturer who currently makes wheels for the likes of other companies like Titan7 etc.   We know based on prior experience with those other brands this manufacturer is trusted and turns out a quality product over and over unlike some others out there.   



  • Designed specifically to fit the Evora or Emira.  No spacers etc required. These are a direct bolt on fitment
  • 100% forged aerospace grade aluminum wheel manufactured using a 12.000 Ton press to create a strong rigid wheel blank
  • Meet or exceed JWL/VIA standards
  • CAD designed for maximum stiffness and minimal weight for each design. 
  • Multiple designs and finishes to choose from
  • No centering ring required, these are machined to fit the hub on the Evora and Emira perfectly.
  • Machined aluminum center caps with Lotus badges included. 
  • Custom specs available to order, please email us to inquire.
  • Typical turn around time will be 4-6 weeks but can vary depending on work load, holidays etc.   
  • Save weight while looking good!   Most sets of wheels will save 10+lbs of weight over the original wheels on your car.  This can vary depending on design choice. 


Fitment for all Lotus Evora Cars 2010+

Sizing Options: 

Evora Spec: 

Front: 19x8" Offset +55   Recommend tire size: 245/35r19

Rear: 20x10.5"  Offset +69 Recommend tire size: 295/30r20

5X114.3 Lug Spacing, 68.1mm Hub Bore

These are the same sizing and specs as the wheels that come stock on the Evora 430 and GT.    These are about the most aggressive fitment and tire size that we recommend.   Other offsets and sizing is done but at your own risk


Emira Spec

  • Front 20x8.5" ET52
  • Rear 20x10.5" ET49


Design Choices: 

Choose one of the seven current design choices! 

  • Y-10
  • RS
  • W-10
  • U-10
  • S-10
  • F-10
  • S-5

Approx wheel weights (These weights can vary slightly depending on design)

19" = 19-22lbs

20" = 20-24lbs 

Confirmed Weights so far: 

  • Emira 20" S-10 Front - 22.2lbs
  • Emira 20" S-10 Rear - 23.4lbs 
  • Emira 20" RS style Front - 23.4lbs
  • Emira 20" RS style Rear - 26.2lbs
  • Emira 20" Y-10 style Front - 20.6lbs
  • Emira 20" Y-10 style Rear - 23lbs
  • 19" Y-10 - 20.8lbs 
  • 18" Y-10 - 17.0lbs 
  • We will post more specific weights as we gather them. 


  • OEM Emira wheels weight - Front=25.35lbs, Rears=29.10
  • Evora 400: 19" Front 20.94lbs each, 20" Rear=24.47 lbs
  • Evora GT: 19" Front=19.84lbs, 20" Rear=26.85lbs

No Extra Cost Color choices:

  • Glossy Black
  • Satin Black 
  • Glossy Silver
  • Satin Silver
  • Glossy White
  • Satin Titanium
  • Satin RS Gold
  • Satin Bronze

Brushed Finish, Polished Finish and Candy Colors available at an extra charge. 


Price is for a set of four wheels in a standard color.  

Custom colors and sizes may incur an extra charge. 

Production time is typically 3-4 weeks but can vary depending on work load.

 Other offsets and sizing is done at your own risk

 Wheels are non returnable or cancellable once ordered.

if interested, email about a full wheel and tire package!  We can ship a completely mounted and balanced "kit" to your door.