GRP Lightweight Antigravity Battery Kit for Elise/Exige

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GRP Lightweight AntiGravity Battery Kit

Less than 4lbs total weight. 

Lightweight aircraft grade aluminum construction bracket. 

Powder Coated Satin Black Finish.

Direct bolt in, no drilling or cutting required

Fits all S2 Elise & Exige Cars.  Does not fit V6 Exige. 

Bolts into stock battery location, holds firmly in place.  Stock cables bolt directly up, no modification necessary. -- Removal of battery clamp ends needed, you will need terminal adapters if not removed.  

A must have for any car that will see any track use! 

Get rid of that heavy full size UNSEALED old battery! The oem or equivalent batteries can leak acid throughout the trunk area over time. 

Kit Includes Battery, bracket & necessary hardware.

Battery included is AntiGravity ATX20RS

Battery features:

  • 680 Cranking Amps
  • 20 Amp Hours (PbEq)/ 10Ah (Actual)
  • 3.8 lbs
  • Safest Battery Technology using full BMS and Lifepo4 Lithium chemistry
  • Compatible with 10 OEM battery sizes (see below)
  • Can be mounted in any orientation
  • Restart Technology



RE-START Series: FIRST Batteries with Built-In Jump-Starting!

Never stranded again… Antigravity Batteries introduces the groundbreaking “RE-START (RS)” line of batteries – the first batteries with built-in jump starting! The revolutionary ATX20-RS RE-START Battery intelligently monitors its status, and just before going completely dead puts itself to sleep with just enough energy to get your vehicle started again. Simply press the RE-START Button located on the battery, start your vehicle and drive away… No more dead battery emergencies or being stranded!

Is your battery hard to reach in your motorcycle or powersports vehicle? Use our NEW RE-START REMOTE accessory to activate the built-in Jump Starting of our batteries, instead of having to access the battery and push the RE-START Button. Simply connects to your existing Battery Charging Harness (SAE/Battery Tender type) to remotely activate the RE-START feature of the battery. No need to remove your seat or access the battery.

The ATX20-RS is an extremely lightweight and high-power Lithium-Ion replacement battery for the heavy lead/acid YTX20 battery found in many Motorcycles and Powersport Vehicles. The ATX20-RS offers the first FULL Battery Management System (BMS) found on a Powersport Battery and includes low-voltage cut-off, over-discharge protections, over-charge protections, and thermal protections with real-time lithium-ion cell balancing. If you want to also track your battery status via Bluetooth, you can use the Lithium Battery Tracker.

Automotive Applications

The ATX-20 Re-Start battery can also be used in Hi-Performance Automotive and Racing applications where extremely high cranking power and massive weight reduction in a very compact size are desired. Due to lower amp-hour capacity, not recommended for Street-use automobiles.

As with most all our batteries, you can easily bolt on our Automotive Terminal Adapters (AG-TA-1).

To give you an idea of the power of this battery, the ATX20-RS can easily start Motors up to 700 Horsepower yet the ATX20-RS weighs LESS than 5 pounds! At a massive 680 Cranking Amps in an extremely compact size, this battery offers the most power in the smallest package you can find for your vehicle. Additionally it features our exclusive RE-START feature so you won’t get stranded with a dead battery.