GRP Paddle Shifters for Evora, Evora S & Evora 400 IPS

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Evora , Evora S & Evora 400 IPS Paddle Shifters

Add some flare and functionality to your IPS!  

- These paddle shifters are cnc machined from billet 6061 aluminum and 2x2 Twill    Carbon Fiber for a nice secure and precision fit. 

- Paddles use two included M5 stainless screws which create a sandwich effect around your factory paddles.  That means no modifications are necessary for install, no glue, no double sided tape and best of all, a simple 5 minute install! 

- The aluminum body is Class III Hard Anodized black to give a sleek, durable finish that looks awesome coupled with the glossy finished carbon fiber top plate. 

- The oem paddles in these cars are cast aluminum and due to manufacturing tolerances there can sometimes be a very small bit of up to down "slop", to alleviate this we include two small strips of thin foam tape to use as a small unseen buffer inside your new paddles to take up any potential room.   

Fits all years Evora IPS Cars.    


1 kit includes:

  • 2 Aluminum Paddles
  • 2 Carbon Fiber Top Plates
  • 1 set of silver stainless screws
  • 1 set of Black screws. 
  • 2 small strips of thin foam tape