GRP Side Mount Race Seat Brackets for Evora/Evora S/400/GT/410/430

Regular price $175.00

GRP Evora Side Mount Seat Brackets 

Designed to bolt side mount race seats into your Lotus Evora. 

These will work with all year Evora's and allow for you to mount: 

  • Race seats directly to the floor in 2009-2015 Evora/Evora S 
  • Race seats to Sparco Seat Sliders in 2009-2015 Evora/Evora S (Modified/drilled with extra mounting hole for floor bolts)
  • Race seats directly to the floor in 2016+ Evora 400, 410,430, GT 
  • Race seats directly to factory Sparco seat sliders in 2016+ Evora 400,410,430,GT

Extra hardware and spacers may be necessary, because of the various mounting configurations and options we do not include extra hardware with these but can supply it separately.

While these have been tested measured with a variety of seats there is always the possibility that your seat choice may require some modification.  Known to fit with most all Sparco, Recaro, OMP seats. 

Made from Chromoly steel for ultimate strength while saving weight! 

Powder coated in a durable light texture black 

Sold as a set of brackets (1 Left & 1 Right)