GRP V4 Tail Lights for Evora, S/400/410/430/GT, Exige 380/390/410/420/430, Elise Cup/Sprint, 3-Eleven

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GRP V4 Tail Lights

These lights are available in limited amounts per week.   We build them out once the order is placed and in between Elise/Exige four light sets.   Typical turn around time is 3-7 business days once your order is placed. 


The only complaint about our V3 tail lights was the overall brightness of the brake lights in direct sunlight.  We have taken this into heavy consideration and created a new and improved V4 light which has a sleeker, sharper and much brighter light output! 

These new V4 lights maintain a similar overall look as the V3 did on the outside but its the inside that counts.  Now featuring a projected light output vs a diffused light output giving a sharper ring of light output for an even more modern and updated look while the lights are on.  

The turn indicator lights are a hidden halo type light in the middle of the units. These lights are hidden until illuminated giving both of the lights the same exterior presence and cohesive look.    


  • All Lotus Evora's 2009+, including: S, 400,410,430,GT, 
  • Exige 380/390/410/430
  • Elise Cup/ Elise's with two lights from the factory
  • 3-Eleven models with two tail lights.  


  • All lights are built with Red lenses and Yellow/Amber turn signals as pictured
  • These lights are sold in pairs!  Qty of 1 = 2 lights
  • For those fitting these into project cars or cars other than Lotus, these measure 4.75" in outer diameter and 1.80" tall from base to top edge of the lens. There are also carbon fiber bezels available to make the outside diameter 5.1"   
  • Please email us if you need any other info on them! 


  • Plug and Play, Made with oem wiring connectors for a seamless install.  No Splicing or cutting of your factory wiring harness required. 
  • Lights Perform the same exact functions your oem lights do: Running Lights, Brake, Turn
  • UV stable Acrylic lenses, wont yellow or deteriorate in the sun.
  • LED Rings with built in light diffusers. Provide a solid ring of light output  
  • Red lens lights feature a cnc machined dark center lens which hides the turn indicator lights. 
  • Stainless steel mounting studs for oem quality mounting into your oem light bezels.
  • Stainless flange lock nuts included  
  • Reflectors are optional. Some areas of the world require a reflective element in the tail lights, we provide this at no cost if desired. When installed these cant be seen until a direct light source is shined on the lights.  They sit below the dark center area of the taillights. 



These are very simple to install, simply pull back the carpet in each corner of your trunk area, unplug the oem lights, and loosen the two 8mm nuts holding them in place. Sometimes the oem lights will need a little tapping from the backside to remove, make sure to hold one hand over the outside so they dont fall to the ground! Reverse these steps for install of your new lights!

*In some instances with newer Elises/Exiges and some Euro Evora's there may be the need for resistors to be installed in the turn signal circuit.  This is a simple and easy task if its needed and we can help with info and pictures.   Please email if your new lights hyper-flash after install.  

Special Notes:

Unless noted on the order or in an email prior to the order we will build the lights just as they are ordered, if you decide to change the spec afterwards some charges may apply.  


GRP V4 Tail Lights Unboxing from Alan Sereboff on Vimeo.