GRP Wheel Spacers for Lotus Emira

Regular price $99.00

With limited options available, most of which being cross over items from the Evora from various vendors we set out to find the best wheel spacer setup for the new Emira whether it be an existing spacer available or the need for an entirely new one!  

After a good bit of testing with various thicknesses we feel we have the winning combination for the front and rear of the Emira for a nice flush fitment and look while still maintaining functionality with no rubbing etc.  We landed on a 10mm spacer for the front and rear of the car and have appropriate length wheel bolts or studs to match. 

These are a great option for those that want to keep the oem wheels but are looking for a little more of an aggressive fitment and overall look without a big price tag! 

  • Our spacers are CAD designed for optimum strength and lightness -- We always want to keep the weight down! 
  • CNC machined aluminum on both sides for the perfect fitment and great quality. 
  • Specifically designed for the Emira to suit the hub bore as well as the diameter of the wheel mating surface.
  • Black anodized for a sleek look when installed. 
  • The longer studs or bolts are 100% required to run spacers on these cars!
  • Wheel bolts sold in a set of 20 as pictured in either black or silver with spline drive tool included.
  • Wheel studs sold in a set of 20 as pictured with either black or silver hex lug nuts. 
  • Spacers are sold in sets of 2 so if you would like them for front and rear be sure to order a quantity of 2! 


These will also fit all years of Lotus Evora. 

 Full details on the wheel bolts found here:  GRP Wheel Bolts

 Full details on the wheel studs found here: Wheel Stud Kits