HANS - HNR Device - HANS III (H3) Series

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HANS - HNR Device - HANS III (H3) Series

The third generation of injection molded HANS device is here! The HANS III features a contemporary approach to reducing weight. Using an all new design and polymer, the HANS III device features a hollow collar that substantially minimizes weight. Engineered reinforcements ensure an exceptionally strong structure that provides the same level of safety as every HANS device.  The reduced mass guarantees the lightest and most comfortable injection molded HANS ever.

The performance of the HANS Device has been proven by organizations such as SFI, FIA and others. 

The staff members at Stable Energies are HANS factory trained! We will be happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to your HANS device purchase. We will install your HANS anchors to your helmet for FREE with purchase of any HANS device. Please contact us for more info.  


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With HANS Device

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Fits all sedans including NASCAR, Busch, Sprint, Midget, Quarter Midget, Drag, Modified, Bandalero and similar. All sportscars including Porsche, BMW, Corvette, Honda, Viper etc. All Panoz Racing Series cars. Marine applications including UIM and Drag Boats.
  Click Here for a sizing chart.
-HANS III device is available in Medium and Large only
-Use this chart to determine which HANS Device best fits you
-Due to differences in torso and muscle shapes it is difficult to predict exact fitments for specific neck sizes
-You may find that several HANS Devices fit your body - choose the most comfortable one
-All HANS Devices work exactly the same no matter which size you choose
  Note: All HANS Devices are now coming standard equipped with a sliding tether. The sliding tether allows the driver more peripheral vision then the fixed tethers of the past.

Click here for a full description of the Quick Click and Post Anchor styles of anchors that are available for the HANS Device. 
  -Snell SA rated helmets unitize a nut washer positioned between the padding and shell of the helmet. This nut washer should be aligned with the hole in the side of your helmet and held in place with the provided wrench when tightening your HANS anchor. 
-Snell SAH rated helmets have a threaded insert bonded directly inside the helmet shell. Anchors for these helmets are sold without nut washers.
-Click here for a full explanation of SA and SAH rated helmets with anchor pictures.