High-Flow Dry Media Drop-In Air Filter for Lotus Emira V6

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Drop In Dry High Flow Air filter for your Emira V6! 

These drop in panel filters are designed to meet both durability and performance needs. These efficient oil-free filters will increase horsepower and torque. The dry high flow design is cleanable with basic soap and water and will be the last air filter your car will ever need. Featuring oil free non-woven cloth and epoxy resin coated mesh for structural integrity and long lifespan.

  • Oil free, mass airflow sensor safe, non-woven cloth
  • Epoxy resin coated wire mesh
  • 50% higher air flow than stock
  • Convenient soap and water cleaning
  • No solvents or chemicals

To Clean:

  • Make a 50/50 solution of warm water and dish soap (soap without oil)
  • Let filter sit in solution for 5-10 minutes to help break down dirt and grime
  • Take an old tooth brush or any non-abrasive scrubber (not steel wool or scouring pad) and gently rub the remaining dirt and grime off into the water solution until clean
  • To protect sensors and keep the filter from collapsing under intake vacuum, air dry fully before installation