Intercooling System PACKAGE DEAL for Lotus Exige

Regular price $2,045.00

The stock intercooling system on the Lotus Exige is inadequate for the heat produced by spirited driving and tracking. After repeated hard acceleration the stock intercooler becomes overwhelmed by heat and the engine responds by reducing power. It's a profoundly physical sensation felt in the reduction of g-forces during acceleration. The RLS Intercooling Package greatly increases the vehicles cooling capacity and allows hard tracking without perceptible power loss. 

Save $330 by purchasing the whole intercooling system. Includes:


3 Chamber Shroud with Baffles

Supplemental Side Intercooling Kit with Aeroducting (anodized hydro formed aluminum not the ugly carbon fiber one below)

Aluminium Heat Shield (black with gold foil)

If you want the intercooler anodized in a non-standard color please send me an email.