LM DASH Digital Dash Display for Elise/Exige

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LM Dash – Plug & Play Digital Dash Display for Lotus Elise & Exige

Fully digital expandable dashboard developed to be fully Plug & Play for Lotus Elise or Exige without any modifications

Main features:

  • 7" Touchscreen Display
  • Customizable RPM lights
  • Integrated audio
  • Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity to update the operating systems
  • CAN BUS connection
  • Gear indicator
  • Original cluster compatible
  • Original Lotus compatible connector 24 pin - No adapters needed 
  • Fully customizable alarms and service maintenance reminders. 
  • Clock
  • RACE function with manual stopwatch and Delta Live Time
  • 5 different layouts/styles with customizable colors


Very easy to be installed, just remove your old speedo, plug the new LM Dash and turn on your key to use a advanced technology that will change the way you use your Lotus thanks to the incredibly fast software that doesn't have any kind of lag.

Coming soon:  Thanks to the rear 8 pin connector it will be possible to add the LMD-EXP, Expansion box, it will add a lot of functions, for example:

  • tire pressure and temperature real time control
  • GPS and GPS tracker
  • full remote alarm system
  • outside temperature
  • accelerometer with online ranking
  • and many more under development…

Units are shipped with no setting pre-determined and mileage will need to be set upon initial startup. 

If the order button is shown as "special order" it will typically be around 3-6 weeks wait time.  These arrive in batches and are immediately shipped once they arrive, please be patient if placing a special order.