Lotus Evora (09- ) NTR Fast Road 40mm Suspension Kit

Regular price $2,450.00


This is our standard fast road/track focused shock, produced for the driver who regularly enjoys track days, but also likes to use their car on the road. Designed to be run at a lower ride height and featuring stiffer springs and valving. Available as a 1-way adjustable.

The kit comprises four 1-way adjustable dampers with fitted springs. The single adjuster knob affects both bump and rebound for simple setup with a road-biased spec. These shocks are designed to run inverted for reduced unsprung mass and therefore optimum performance. Dampers are delivered preset with a full compliment of bearing spacers ready to fit to the car.

The standard spring rates for this kit are 400 lbs/" front, 500 lbs/" rear. This kit also comes with rear helper springs and increased rear wheel droop for extra cornering grip.

Customised spring rates are available at no extra charge.

The kit shown features the NTR Lockrings, which are included.


Note: Image used for illustration purposes only. Specific shock end fittings may differ from that shown.