Milltek Active Valve Control for Lotus Emira

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Milltek wireless exhaust Valve control unit. 

Increase the exhaust note of your Emira when and where you want!   The original valve control limits the valve opening a lot and doesnt fully open it until high rpms giving a very muted sound profile. 

Fitment for all 3.5L Emira's

Install is a very easy 45min job:    

  • Remove the diffuser panel
  • Unplug the electrical connection at the exhaust valve next to the muffler
  • Plug in the valve controller to the valve itself and to the original harness plug
  • Cable tie or fasten the control box up out of the way as you see fit --just be sure not to mount it too close to the exhaust itself. Up in the bumper area is ideal
  • Reinstall the diffuser panel
  • Pro-Tip -- You can program the remote button/s to your homelink if you dont want to use the little fob.  

The controller has three buttons: 

1- Valve open 100% 

2- Valve closed 100% 

3- OEM valve control -- valve runs just as it does stock. 


Check out the controller in action below!